Five Practical Cake Decorating Hacks That’ll Save Your Day!

5 Effective Cake Decorating Hacks That Has Made Life Easier!

In any activity or task we undertake, there is bound to always be elements that we wish can be simpler or quicker. Time is the most precious of all resources, hence, we love short cuts, and that is why they are very popular.

If you have been involved in a task or hobby for quite some time, you discover or stumble upon ways to get things done more efficiently.

As with any other hobby, short cuts or hacks is so useful in baking and cake decorating. Often, these are not taught in formal training and usually are shared among bakers and cake artists. Some you can find in books and magazines that you have to pay for. That’s how valuable they are.

That is why we are glad to have come across these cake decorating hacks which are a huge time and resource saver. You’ll be spared a lot of headache, stress less, spend less effort and simply make your baking and decorating life a lot easier.

Needless to say, you’d be glad you knew about these tricks!

Continue reading to get these valuable cake decorating tricks.

Tip 01: Get hooked!

If you have to color a large amount of fondant one tone why not utilise your stand-up mixer! Knead your fondant until soft and easily pliable beforehand. Place your fondant in the bowl with a little gel or paste food color, attach your dough hook and mix on slow until your color is fully incorporated.


All photos via Juniper Cakery

Tip 02: Be firm!

….To cut down on the waiting time for your fondant covered cake board to firm up add a little CMC or Tylo powder to your fondant, roll out, cover, emboss your board if needed and leave to set.

Tip 03: Get into a sticky situation!


If you have any very tiny (yet equally annoying) cracks or scrapes in the fondant of your covered cake….Take a little of your left over fondant and add in a small cup, add a few drops of water and mix together with a small tapered palette knife.

You should be left with a mixture similar in consistency to toothpaste. Next take your paste and apply a tiny amount into and over your cracks or small scratches……Use your palette knife to smooth the area down. When finished and when the paste has completely dried, smooth out further by rubbing lightly with a cake smoother!

Tip 04: Stealth by chocolate!

Using melted white chocolate to ‘glue’ on various edible features is such a fabulous tip……Add your white chocolate buttons, chips or callets into a piping bag (thin works much better than thick…) and microwave on full power. Remember to check your chocolate at 10-15 second intervals. When ready snip off the end of the bag and you can pipe your ‘glue’ with ease and control!

Tip 05: Pressed for time?


If you’re painting or piping on any detail from florals to a message a quick and easy guide is to lightly press a relevant cutter into the fondant of your cake….. This saves a lot of time and mess than just piping straight onto your surface or using a cocktail stick to ‘poke’/map out your outlines.

Apply these tricks next time you decorate a cake or find your cake in trouble. Keep them handy. Happy decorating!


Source: Craftsy

Image Credits: Juniper Cakery