6 Gorgeous Wedding Cakes Every Disney Fan Will Love!

Not All Disney Themed Wedding Cakes Are Cheesy!

You know how it goes with Disney themed weddings. There are times that it can get a bit cheesy. Especially, with wedding cakes. You get it…the Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast or Mickey and Minnie adornments mesmerized and bewitched.

Certain Disney concepts have been used over and over again that cakes tend to look they same if the cake artist is not creative enough.

We searched the web for Disney wedding cakes that stand out from the pool and found these stunning set.

1. Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage

cinderella cake2

Got a fairy godmother? If she gives you a chance to wish for something on your wedding, don’t ever think twice. Ask for this magnificent carriage cake from Gimme Some Sugar.

The lopsided stacking of the tiers works perfectly. Don’t you love the dull powder blue and pink hues and the dull silver accents?

It’s a brilliant interpretation of Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage!






2. Cinderella Tiered Cake


Gorgeous creation from Carrie’s Cakes!

Pink and blue belong to Cinderella. The second tier which is taller and shaped differently than the other tiers made this cake stand out. Its embellishment is also different. This tier is  a stroke of ingenuity.

One can immediately associate the cake to a Disney Princess because of the colors and adornments.





3. Cinderella Cake with Birdies

little birdies2

Of course, this charming cake is inspired by Cinderella (again). It’s the pink and blue hues, ‘ya know.

It’s all about the birdies! It’s a simple wedding cake but the adorable creatures made all the difference.

What keeps them and the ribbon suspended? Very clever!

We found this on The Knot.





4. Colorful Alice in Wonderland Cake




This very pretty wedding cake inspired by Alice in Wonderland is so captivating!

We love the shades of pink and green. It is decorated with items from Alice’s adventures.

Pages from the story book wraps one tier. This is the focal point that announces it’s an Alice adventure cake.

Found on Wedding Stuff Ideas.





5. Elegant Alice In Wonderland Wedding Cake

alice in wonderland2

If the other Alice inspired cake is playful and carefree, this one from Sandra Monger Cakes is an elegant execution of the adventurous story.

What makes this an attention-getter are the adornments: corset, laces and ribbons. Especially, the corset which is stunning! The subdued shades are is perfect for this elegant wedding cake.

Very lovely. Easily one of our favorites.










6. Beauty and the Beast Wedding Cake


There are several wedding cakes out there inspired by Belle’s stunning yellow gown but Carrie’s Cakes gave it a unique twist in this sweet creation.

The two spherical tiers set it apart from the other Belle cakes. Atop is the Beast’s rose.

Despite, the widespread use of Disney themes everywhere, it has retained its luster and magic, and continues to captivate both children and adults. That is why it continues to be popular in weddings. A bride after all is a Princess swept-off her feet by her groom Prince. And, Disney represents the dream of “Happily Ever After”.








Image1 Credit: Cardin Photography 

Image3 Credit: Jennifer Fujikawa Photography