8 Lovely Piping Styles Sans Piping Tips!

8 Piping Hacks With Ordinary Plastic Bags!

Do you know that you can get the varied and beautiful styles of piping tips with  just an ordinary plastic bag? We all know we can pipe with a plastic bag…just cut the corner and that’s it.

What a beautiful surprise to have stumbled upon this tutorial that shows how to use plastic bags and a pair of scissors to mimic the styles created with piping tips . This is very handy.

Not everybody has access to piping tips or not all the time are they on hand. Also, if you are decorating in several colors, you’ll need a lot of piping tips.

Another great thing about this piping hack is you use the bag and dispose of it. No piping tips to wash and store.

I remember a time going home to my parents for a family reunion. I made some cupcakes. But there were no piping bags and tips. I grabbed a plastic bag and snipped one corner off straight. That was all I knew.

I wish I knew that I can get more frosting styles out of the corner of an ordinary plastic bag. And, that wasn’t the only time I used a plastic bag to pipe.

Let me show you some of the styles and designs you can create with a plastic bag piping hack:

  • Strands. Great for  hairs or furs or grass design


Screenshot 2015-08-08 18.58.21


  •  You can also pipe in two tones like this lovely cluster of pink bulbs.

Screenshot 2015-08-08 18.58.48(2)

  • This is similar to the style produced by a star tip.

Screenshot 2015-08-08 20.29.06


  • Ribbons. Awesome for making several beautiful designs.

Screenshot 2015-08-08 18.56.12

See the video below for the complete tutorial for how to do these piping tricks and for more styles you can copy.

Thanks to Ann Reardon of How To Cook That
Images are screen grabs from her YouTube video.