9 Hilarious Wedding Cake Toppers Guaranteed To Make You Laugh!

You Might Find it Hard To Stop Laughing At These 9 Funny Wedding Cake Toppers!

Who says weddings are all about being elegant, formal and stiff? Why not add a dose of fun to it via your wedding cake? Come on show-off your individuality.  A simple departure from the oft-used cake toppers is all you need.

Some people  might say that what’s on top is a harbinger of things to come. A couple should strive to always have humor in their marriage. Why not show them you got it from the start?

If you have a funny bone these collection of quirky  wedding cake toppers is sure to be a hit. They are a reflection of our times, lives and relationships. If you’re not getting married anytime soon, then have a good laugh. And, if you’re married, can you identify with some of these? I bet you can.

Scroll down and enjoy a good dose of laughter

1. Trending now – #just married


Credit: Magical Day

2.  I’m stuck!


sinking (1)

Via: Wedding Invites

3. Cheeky pinch


Credit: /WeddingStar/Amazon

4. Got ‘ya!


Credit: Magical Day

5. Horsing around ends here.


Credit: McPhee

6.  Lassoed!


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7. The runaway groom.


Via: Shelley Panzarella

8. Hello! Can you believe I just got married.


Credit: Magical Day

9.  I got married to a couch potato

couch potato

Credit: Wedding Star/Amazon