A Chameleon Cake That Changes Colors!

She Spins This Cake and Created Magic!

We have seen cakes that  are outrageous, bizarre and unbelievable that make us do a turn-around and ask: “Is that a cake?” There are also magical cakes that lights up and changes hue through the magic of technology.

But this cake creates magic from its frosting. No lights, no gadgets, no machines. Just plain icing and a ton of talent.

Initially, we see pink and yellow and orange. Then, with a spin…it changes into purple and blue and green. And, as it spins faster, there are even more colors. The faster it spins the more magical it is and the more we are mesmerized.

You may find it hard to believe, that such a feat is achieved through skillful frosting.

Makes us wonder what’s underneath that hue-changing icing. What about a cake that tastes different with every bite? Do I hear “Ayes”?

Watch the video below and see magic happen!