Super Easy Hack That’ll Save Your Frosting From Disaster During Transport!

How To Save Your Frosting From Disaster During Transport!

So you have iced, swiped, turned and adorned a cake you’re taking to a party. What if you don’t have a cake holder for it? How are you going to do it?

Warning: If you’re thinking of just putting it in a platter, think again. No matter how extra careful you are there’s a good chance of ruining that pretty frosting. Come on, why take the risk when there’s an ultra simple way to protect your work.

Bring in the spaghetti! How will strands of the pasta protect your icing? Here’s how:

What you need:

1. Raw spaghetti

2. Plastic or saran wrap.

3. Platter or serving plate

Follow these steps:

1. Place the cake on a platter.

2. Next, grab some raw spaghetti and stick it into the top and sides of the cake.

3. Cut a sheet of  plastic wrap.

4. Drape the saran wrap over the cake. Drape a second sheet if you want.

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Skewers can substitute for spaghetti, although it’ll punch bigger holes. Toothpicks can also be used if you have no other choice, but they are short.

Now, your precious frosting is all covered. How easy and quick can it get? But still be careful, lest you bump those spaghetti somewhere and break them.


Source: Little Things