She Grabbed An Empty Glass…The Result Is One Brilliant Piping Hack!

Get That Icing on the Cake Not On Your Fingers!

Cake decorating is fun and can be uplifting even with all the mess. But do you wish you can minimize it?

If you don’t know a trick or two, filling a piping bag with icing can be, well, tricky. And, you’ll end up with icing on your counter, fingers, hands and even on your face and hair.

I bet you know what it’s like when you’re squeezing icing into a cake and it oozes up the open end of your piping bag. It can be frustrating and certainly dampens the fun.

This super easy decorating hack will leave your fingers and hands icing-free,  save you a lot of time on cleaning up and allow you to focus on your creative endeavor unhindered.

All you need is an ordinary drinking glass or cup, and a bench scraper. Then, you’re all set to fill that piping bag perfectly!

Continue below to find out…

Filling An Icing Bag

1. Grab yourself a cup or glass

2. Place icing bag in glass


3. Fold the frosting bag sides over the sides of the glass…

4. Start spooning the sweet goodness in.


5. Pull up sides of bag.

6. Use a bench scraper and a flat surface to push the icing towards the tip of the bag.


7. Twist the bag to hold the icing in.

8. Squeeze out any air pockets. If you don’t get those air bubbles out they will surprise you and blurb all over your cake as your frosting.


Now you are all ready to start decorating…and stress free from icing bag ick!