How To Stencil On A Cake Like A Pro!

Get the Perfect Stencil on Your Cake With These Clever Tricks!

Stenciling is one method with which you can create lovely and elaborate designs on a cake. It’s fast considering the intricacies of designs that are produced. However, it requires some skill which is not difficult to master.

Chef Alan Tetreault of Global Sugar Art shares some very useful cake stenciling techniques. From achieving the right icing consistency to holding stencils in place and a few more tips that come from experience.

A very cool trick he shares is stenciling a round cake on your own without help from someone else. He shares this in the video.

He also shows some beautiful stencils he has developed.

If you do cake stencils or are interested in it, Chef Alan Tetreault’s tricks will let you do it like a pro.

Spare a few minutes to watch the video.