How To Turn A Store-Bought Cake From Plain To Wow – 8 Cool Ways!

8 Cool Ideas To Make a Store-Bought Birthday Cake Sparkle!

We parents have all been there, done that or still will be hosting our kids’ birthday parties. We want every birthday to be memorable. We decorate, make the cake, cook the food, send out invitations…But one, two or three more kids and several birthdays on, we are pressed for time.

But, hey, there’s always a way to make our children’s birthdays always special. The quickest fix is to buy everything done. You can buy a birthday cake all frosted and adorned. But decorating it yourself will add a special touch to it because we parents are the ones who know our kids.

When it comes to the cake, you don’t have to do all the fondant and piping thing. There are lots of ways to make an amazing cake without spending a lot of time and money.

I had done my kids’ cakes with candy coated chocolates, marshmallows, nuts, fruits, toys, mini figurines, etc. Each year they have a favorite character from a movie or a story they have read. I’d buy mini figs of the characters and create a story on the cake.

My youngest love dinosaurs and other animals. There are thousand ways you can use toy animals to embellish a cake. Small toys are great for a child’s cake.

If you’re not very good at writing letters on cake, you don’t even have to. Use gummy bears to spell them. Or place the greeting on a small banner and attached them to tiny colored straws.

Ideas abound online. Here are 8 cool ways to kick start your imagination. The better way is to use this as a guide and put your own twist to them.

Scroll down to find these easy and amazing ideas.

1. Create flowers using licorice twists.

cake decorating idea: make flowers out of Twizzler slices | Handmade Charlotte. So pretty!

….We are blown away by this  DIY floral cake decorating idea using colored licorice, found at Handmade Charlotte. It’s as simple as cutting slices of candy and arranging them, and there are tons of great tips on the site. Very cool idea for older kids who love candy but don’t want a cake that’s too babyish…


2. Write a message in gummy letters.

This fun cake covered in gummy letters we found at Parents is perfect for toddlers and early readers. (Provided they’re old enough to eat gummies, of course.) It would also be cool to use one color letter to spell out a special message, for a kid of any age.


3. Decorate the cake sides in a geometric candy pattern.

cake decorating ideas: make geometric patterns with candy via Sprinkle Bakes

Okay, so this geometric patterned cake decorating idea by Sprinkle Bakes definitely takes more work than some of our other ideas, but it’s more about time than expertise. Such an easy way to upgrade a store-bought cake with M&Ms, jelly beans, or Sixlets. Just be sure to follow her instructions, because if you try to do an entire diagonal stripe at a time instead of going by row, you’ll go nuts.


4. Cover every inch of your cake with gummy bears.

Clearly the whole decorating with candy thing is a great easy cheat, allowing you to do things you couldn’t do without a ton of fondant and a degree in pastry. Fancy Edibles offers this adorable idea for decorating a cake with gummy bears by covering every inch. In fact, decorating will be the easy part; the hard part will be keeping little fingers from plucking the bears off before the party has started.


5. Use your kids’ favorite toys as cake toppers.

cake decorating ideas: how to make an easy Frozen cake

Because no post on birthday cake decorations for kids would be complete without a Frozen-themed cake, we couldn’t help but include this amazing one by Bubbly Nature Creations. We love the idea of saving time by buying the cake, then just making this clever blue ice candy from her instructions. And instead of cheap, disposable Frozen cake toppers, add an existing set of Anna and Elsa toys on top and now you’ve got part of the birthday kid’s gift, too…


6. Make a construction cake with a toy dump truck filled with crushed chocolate cookies.

cake decorating ideas: use kids toys for a construction themed cake via Yelena Sweets


We totally love this construction themed cake decorating idea from Yelena Sweets…throw a few chocolate cookies in your food processor (or put them in a plastic bag and crush them), then fill the bed of a toy dump truck to make it look like dirt. It’s a great shortcut for an otherwise really impressive, but really time-consuming homemade cake idea on her site. And we think her idea for rimming the base with candy pebbles is inspired. Definitely visit the site for great tips and details.


7. Set a tiara on top of a princess cake.

In our experience, princess parties can easily get, er, high maintenance. Try buying a store-bought cake (with the requisite pink frosting accents, of course) then instead of order a castle built out of fondant, simply decorate the birthday cake with a real tiara as Kellie O’Brien shows here. So smart! Sparkly! Easy! You might even add sparklers instead of candles for a true royal celebration.


8. Bling out store-bought birthday candles.

cake decorating ideas: bedazzle your candles via Banman Land

If you’re throwing a party that’s all about glitz and glamour, we love the idea of  decorating store-bought birthday candle numbers like this fun idea at Banman Land. But it doesn’t just have to be about rhinestones; for sports lovers, glue on ribbon and beads in favorite team’s colors. For a cars party, glue on little wheels or paint the candle to look like a black road with a double yellow line up the middle.  Just be careful about glitter which looks awesome, but doesn’t taste so great.

My favorite ones are flowers from licorice twist, construction cake with chocolate cookies (anything chocolate is my favorite) and the bling-covered birthday candles. Which ones are yours?


Source: Cool Mom Picks