Her Cake Is Initially A Mess. But When She’s Done…It Was Stunning!

When She Sliced This Cake…We Were Stunned!

She started messing up a variety of colored batters. As she swirls each shade you’re left wondering whether she’s making a cake!

She goes on to bake the mess and cut heart shapes out of it.

Next, she stacked the hearts cut-out and stuck it into another cake.

Then she draped multi-colored fondant over her cake…

The drama happened when she cut the cake. Of course we know while watching her make it, that the heart is inside but we didn’t realize it will be so dramatic!

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Perfect gift on a date…

If the hearts are red, it will be an awesome pair to a bunch of red roses!

Watch her do it step-by-step in this video…


Image Grabbed from the YouTube Video Above..