(VIDEO) Why These Extreme Wedding Cakes Can Easily Lead To Disaster!

Outrageous Wedding Cakes Will Make You Hold Your Breath!

These cake masters take their craft to the extreme to create a bride’s (and groom’s) dream wedding cake. Their sugary masterpieces will take your breath away (literally) and have you gasping in disbelief.

How on earth did they manage to make that massive upside-down chandelier cake hold together? And, your heart will beat faster as it descends right over the dancing newlyweds. One slight error will ruin everything!

What about a glow in the dark wedding cake or a 14-tier tower of sugar and cream all covered in bling? Then there’s a life-size replica of the bride’s wedding gown? And they’re temptingly delicious, too. There’s more to make you go ‘aah’ and ‘ooh’.

Watch the video and be mesmerized.