Jaw-Dropping Animated Transformers Cake That Actually Transforms!

Boy Asked For Transformers Birthday Cake. He Just Had the Coolest Birthday On the Planet!

How many little boys ever had a birthday cake that is more than just a static yummy dessert but a sweet, jaw-dropping entertainment, too.

When their little boy asked for a Transformers birthday cake for his 6th birthday, awesome parents Russell Monro and his wife collaborated on this amazing animated cake project…one that actually transforms into a talking Optimus Prime!

Mom made the cake and Dad, who enjoys designing and making projects as a hobby, designed the animated platform. The result? A one-of-a-kind cake for the books.

What makes this even more incredible is you’d never expect there is a machine beneath all the sweet stuff. Before the birthday boy turned on the mechanism it pretty much looks like other cake. When the cake transforms, there is magic and wonder.

Oh, my! You should see the guests awe, wonder and hear their shrieks when Optimus Prime came to life.

Go watch the video now and be mesmerized!